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    A Literacyhead is someone who is intensely serious about exercising creative literacy, making connections across multiple literacies, pursuing thoughtful literacy as an individual and as a teacher, and constantly searching for ideas. Literacyheads may have expertise in different areas of literacy, but all are committed to children's literacy, passionate about the arts, incessant thinkers, and display a propensity for having fun
  • What is Literacyhead?

    We wanted to help teachers nurture their creative lives while they meet the demands of high accountability to which they are subject. We saw that art naturally differentiates lessons leading to more student engagement and less time planning. We love children's books and art, and the connections between the two make us positively giddy.
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  • Vocabulary Lessons

    In our "Visual Vocabulary" we select five words from a featured book in our Reading Lessons and provide four images that illustrate the meaning of each word. In accordance with vocabulary research, three of the images are examples of the word's meaning and the last one is a "non-example." In addition, we present a definition simple enough for students to remember and really "get" what the word means.
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  • High-frequency Word Lessons

    Here we've created sets of images and discussion prompts designed to help you teach high-frequency words with visual art. Use the six images and accompanying sentences to make concrete connections to these abstract words. These lessons pair wonderfully with vocabulary words, reading lessons, and writing lessons.
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Our Blog

  •   On Father’s Day morning, Kim decided to go for a bicycle ride.  As a cycling enthusiast, this decision was not out of the ordinary for her.  She tries to fit in a fifteen mile ride most days of the week and, when she has more time, she likes to ride even longer. On Father’s [...]

  • On the third Wednesday in May, Jan’s six-year-old son, Victor, graduated from his third year in the Yellow Class at the local Montessori school–the equivalent of graduating kindergarten. At the mid-morning graduation ceremony, when the teacher called his name, he jumped over a long piece of blue fabric which was stretched across the ground in [...]

  • Jan’s eleven year old son, Natie, plays the violin. Since school is already out in Georgia, in an effort to help Natie broaden his vision of the ways music can enrich his life, Jan signed him up for a summer music camp. Camp Amped serves campers ages 11-18, clustering musicians into bands. Every day for [...]

  • In February, Kim went on a twelve day trip to Israel. Over the course of those twelve days, she took two, ten hour plane rides and stayed in three different elevations which meant that packing was tricky.  However, she didn’t perseverate.  She brought long sleeves and short sleeves and pants and shorts, which covered the [...]

  • At this point, we believe most educators would say that they are familiar with the Common Core State Standards.  There have been ample opportunities to read and unpack the standards and, as educators have increased their familiarity with the goals and expectations laid out by the Common Core, efforts to align have begun. For many, [...]

  • We are just back from the International Reading Association Conference in New Orleans and feeling energized and ready to continue our top picks for teaching EVERYTHING series. So far, we’ve shared ten fiction titles and eleven NON-NARRATIVE nonfiction titles and today we are sharing ten narrative nonfiction titles that support just about everything we do [...]

  • On Monday, we shared and celebrated the fiction books that serve to support our literacy instruction in just about every way imaginable. However, it can’t be all fiction all of the time, so of course we have favorite nonfiction books, too. The following is a list of eleven of our favorites, once again, in no [...]

  • When we visit the children’s section of Barnes and Noble or when we hear one of our favorite authors is coming out with a new book, we get giddy. We love rich illustrations and precise language and children’s books are often filled with both.  We appreciate that children’s literature serves so many purposes–from helping to [...]

  • Beach Vector from Google Creative Commons (http://double-edged-sword.deviantart.com/art/Beach-Vector-60077213) Dear Friends, While we aren’t able to sit side-by-side in the sun, we are both at the beach for two weeks, coincidentally. The first half of our “vacation” we spent a lot of time working. This week, however, we want to spend time playing. So, we will get back [...]

  • Before you begin reading, take a moment and meet fourteen-year-old Suvir Mirchandani.  What began as a traditional, sixth-grade science project for fourteen-year-old Suvir Mirchandani resulted in findings that could save the federal government millions of dollars in just a few minutes! Mirchandani found that by switching government documents from Times New Roman and Century Gothic, [...]