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About Burleigh Kronquist

A long-term writer (poetry and plays), I suddenly, through a series of convergences and coincidences, side-stepped into art around 20 years ago. I started by working with found materials to create rough sculptural pieces and soon began painting.

I took the "art-name" Burleigh Kronquist (Kronquist is my mother's maiden name) partly to separate myself from my writing life and partly because in making art I seemed to enter a space where I felt myself moving more widely and freely. This seemed to call for a new name!

I have no official art training. My background is mainly in literature and general humanities. Currently, I make a living as a writer - not an illustrator - of children's books. ( )

Since the late 1980s, I have shown my art in individual and group shows in Chicago and elsewhere around the country.

My usual way of working is to play with and manipulate a variety of materials. This usually involves many stops and starts until an image or metaphor with a significant edge of tension or drama emerges. Sometimes, if this vein seems thick enough, I try to mine it and create a series of pieces roughly along the same lines.

Indeed, this process is perhaps the closest thing I have to a subject itself. It is the thread running through all I do.

At the same time, the apparent subjectivity of this working process is complicated by my awareness of and interest in recent art history as well as my deep desire to create something with structural integrity.