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Pick up your pen! This week we have assembled a list of Ten Titles that will make you want to write. Find here generous journaling inspiration to help you scratch your expressive itch. Go ahead... write it down!

My Diary from Here to There

This week's feature book for Artful Read Aloud, My Diary from Here to There, written by Amada Irmez Parezand illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez, is a moving memoir of the author's childhood. Parez's account of her childhood move from Mexico to California, combined with Gonzalez's vivid but tender paintings, captures the heartbreak of loss, the processes of grief and growth, and renewal as one turns to face the present.

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Waiting for Winter

Next week's feature book for Artful Read Aloud isWaiting For Winter. Elegantly simple, Waiting for Winterillustrates how having someone explain the meaning of a word is different than experiencing that word's meaning firsthand.

1000 Journal Pages

Artists submitted their most inspired journal pages and the editors of this book selected 1000 of the most compelling pages. The variety between the covers of 1000 Journal Pagesguarantees you will find something that extends your thinking, writing, and drawing. Even non-writers and non-drawers will find it difficult to resist jotting and doodling after looking at 1000 Journal Pages.

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An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators, and Designers

Yet another collection of sketchbook/journals by the inspired. You will leave this book filled with ideas for your own work after this intimate conversation with 50 artists. The images and text are rich, accompanied by introductions from each artist. This little book speaks volumes about the creative process.

Everyday Matters: A New York Diary

If you think you can't draw, or if you think you have nothing to write about, get Everyday Matters: A New York Diary by Danny Gregory. He writes, "I only started drawing fairly recently. But I've found it has a power to change my life..." Read this book for a change.

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Words to Remember: A Journal for Your Child's Sweet and Amusing Sayings

Whether recording the words of your students or your own children, this book offers a lovely place to remember the things they say. The illustrations are subtle and partnered with lots of blank, lined pages for writing. Words to Rememberserves as a keepsake of a school year or a year in the life.

My Book about Me

My Book about Me by Dr. Seuss is a creative outlet for the child in your life and the child in you. In nontraditional Seussish style, My Book About Meinvites readers/writers to record all the quirky details of self. This book is a great gift for any child and a comparably wonderful gift for a reflective adult.

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The Many Faces of Journaling

The Many Faces of Journaling: Topics & Techniques for Personal Journal Writing by Linda C. Senn offers abundant, practical advice for journal writers. Senn includes tips, details, examples, and exercises, all of which can make journaling relevant and manageable. If you want to journal but haven't found time, this book will help you get started.

Old School Ledger

If you are journaling about school, what better than a school ledger? The Paper + Cup Old School Ledger from Chronicle Booksboasts 192 pages for writing, drawing, listing, or scribbling. Vintage design appropriate for those of us who still like pen and paper, sometimes.

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Click here to view this book in Amazon +

Classic Moleskine Notebooks

If you tend to buy gorgeous, expensive journals and then find yourself afraid to write in them, don't buy another journal that will collect dust. Classic Moleskine journals offer enough variety and beauty for you to find one that is appealing to you, yet they are common enough and simple enough for you to buy another, and another, and another.