Book Reviews - Books for Building Your Library

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Ten more books for you to enjoy! This week we share titles that consider storytelling from various perspectives: children telling stories, families telling stories, and teachers telling stories. Given the oral tradition integral to storytelling, we couldn't resist throwing in a few suggestions for recordings you can enjoy adding to your listening library.

14 Cows for America

Carmen Agra Deedy wrote her new book, 14 Cows for America, in collaboration with Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah. Thomas Gonzalez's stunning and expansive illustrations capture the African setting and communicate the power of community. 14 Cows for America offers a deep perspective on what it means to have a lot.

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Little Ant, Big Thinker or Where Does the Ocean End?

This book by Andre Usatschow is deceptively simple. Little Ant uncovers a metaphor for life, change, learning. Filled with surreptitious philosophy, Little Ant, Big Thinker illustrates that the answers to complex questions often depend on the thinker's perspective.

Literacy in the Welcoming Classroom

In Literacy in the Welcoming Classroom. Creating Family-School Partnerships That Support Student Learning,JoBeth Allen combines literacy learning, family engagement, and storytelling. In what ways can reading teachers engage parents towards the end of better literacy learning for children? Your "Family Literacy Night" will never be the same!

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Authors in the Classroom

Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy artfully marry theory and practice with this incredibly informative and useful book. They offer an array of thematic units, inviting children and families to share their stories.

Norfolk Tales

Get ready to laugh out loud! These "stories of adventure, humor, and suspense"will engage you as much as your children. Bobby Norfolk, a celebrated storyteller for decades, will engage even the most resistant listener.Brace yourself, you might get a side stitch!

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Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom

Connect literacy and storytelling to other areas of your instruction by exploring this collection of essays edited by Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stensen, and Diane Williams. The editors bring together a wealth of classroom storytelling experience to inspire your storytelling experimentations.

The Storytelling Classroom

More essays from editors Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, and Diane Williams, who help you consider Literacy Development in the StorytellingClassroom. Capture the attention of your students no matter the subject area, and make learning engaging for all of you.

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The Story-Teller's Start-Up Book

In The Story-Teller's Start-Up Book: Finding, Learning, Performing and Using Folktales, storytellerMargaret Read MacDonald gives you all you need to dig into storytelling. Using fables, she offers guidance for the novice storyteller, from locating to studying to telling.

Shake-It-Up Tales!

Another fabulous title from Margaret Read MacDonald, this book will get your students involved with stories. MacDonald brings you Stories to Sing, Dance, Drum, and Act Out. Engage your students with these stories, and they will remember it for their whole lives.

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Three Minute Tales

Finally, if you are certain you don't have time for storytelling, grab this collection of very short Tales from Around the World. Margaret Read MacDonald, a relentless promoter of storytelling, offers you yet another resource to pull you into sharing stories aloud. This is the book you need just to test the storytelling waters.