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Here are ten of our favorite books that tackle the theme of questioning. Whether you are looking for a story to stimulate thinking and discussion, riddles and poems to delight young wonderers, or questioning strategies to guide professional learning, there is something for you on this book list.

Little Ant, Big Thinker...

Children and adults alike will enjoy thisdeceptively simplestory about a little ant with a big question.Filled with surreptitiousphilosophy, Little Ant, Big Thinker: Where does the Ocean End?illustrates that the answers to complex questions often depend on the thinker's perspective.

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This Is the Tree: A Story of the Baobab

Poetic language and lush illustrations fill this non-fiction book about the African Baobab tree.Not only doesThis Is the Treeprovide interesting facts about the"upside down" baobab tree,but it engenders further curiosity about the African Savannah and the creatures that inhabit it.

Could You?Would You?

"Could you recognize your family with your eyes shut?" "What shape are your ears?" "When do you feel loved?" Find questions like thesein Could you? Would you? A Book to Tickle Your Imagination. This book's whimsical questions and illustrationswill inspire kids to use their imaginations and explore what makes them unique.

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The Three Questions

What makes someone a good person?In this Zen-inspired book with watercolor illustrations, young Nikolai seeksthe answer to this central question about life. Jon Muth'sclassic tale is based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy.

Sector 7

This wordless picture book by Caldecott Medal winner David Wiesnerwill stimulate imagination and discussion. On a class trip to the Empire State Building, a boy befriends a cloud and gets swept into the magical world of "Sector 7," a floating cloud factory. This ingenious adventure story is sure to speak to the daydreamer and cloud-watcher in everyone.

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The Wonder Book

This playful book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is full of poems, lists, stories, and wordplay that will delight children.With writing and illustrationsreminiscent of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky,The Wonder Book is perfect for readers who want to explore the things that children wonder about.

Touching the Distance: Native American Riddle-Poems

"What is a riddle? Perhaps it's a question with a surprising answer." Challenge yourself and your students with these poetic riddles collected from various Native American sources. Maria Rendon's mixed-media artwork complements the riddles and offers subtle hints.

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Houdini: The Handcuff King

Jump into Houdini's world as he prepares for his famous handcuffed leap into the freezing Charles River in Boston! The illustrations in this graphic novel are bold and captivating, like the master of mystery himself. Houdini: The Handcuff King offers a fresh look at the legendary man who, to this day, incites the question, "How did he do that?"

Express Yourself!

Express Yourself! Activities and Adventures in Expressionism is packed with visuals, questions, and projects to inspire children with art. We feel tempted to try these creative exercises ourselves! Activities in this book willfoster children'sself-expression, and can serve as springboards for writing.

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The Facilitator's Book of Questions

For instructional coaches who facilitate professional learning, this invaluable text offers structures and questions for collaboratively exploring student work. Such inquiry can both develop professional learning communities and guide instruction. Use this text to scaffold your facilitation of higher-order thinking.