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This week find here a collection of books about reading, readers, and learning to read. These books range in mood from silly to sober, and offer you a variety of opportunities to support your students in thinking about their reading habits. Use these books to help your students reflect on who they are as readers.

That Book Woman

This week's feature book explores the issue theme of reading habits. A boy named Cal lives high in the barren Appalachian hills with his family, and unlike his sister, he has no use for books or reading. That is, until a strong and determined traveling librarian slowly changes his mind. This tribute to the Pack Horse Librarians of the 1930s is a gentle reminder of the importance of books and the joy of learning to read.

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What You Know First

This beautiful book, written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Barry Moser, explores what it is like to know, love, and leave a place. The narrator in the story shares his heartbreak with leaving his first home as a child and the ways he captured in his memory the details he longed to hold tight.

Reading Makes You Feel Good

Given all the things that society promises will make us feel good, Todd Parr's vibrant book convincingly argues that reading offers tremendous intrinsic rewards. Parr describes in rich words and colors the many benefits of reading, and will inspire your students to pick up books for themselves to find out what all the buzz is about.

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Up the Learning Tree

This poetic book tells of a slave who learns to read by sitting in a tree and watching a teacher read to children under the tree. The boy in the tree carves letters and words in the branches of the tree to remember them. Marcia Vaughan's lovely story deftly explores the right of all people to learn and the determination with which some have had to fight for that right.


George Ella Lyon opens Bookby asking, "What is it you hold in your hand?" She and illustrator Peter Catalanotto then take the reader through a collection of metaphors that offer insight into the richness and value of books. Lyon's words and Catalanotto's images are parallel in their euphoric exploration of stories, words, writers, and readers. Enjoy this metaphorical exploration of your "companion."

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Word After Word After Word

One of our favorite authors, Patricia MacLachlan, has a new book out and you will want to read it aloud to your class in the first weeks of school. MacLachlan shows us how writers think and live, how they go to books to learn about their craft, and how they write from the heart of their personal experiences. Word After Word After Wordwill offer your young writers new ways to think of their lives as readers and writers.

Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don't)

Missy does not like books, despite the relentless efforts of her librarian, Miss Brooks, and her mother. Missy rejects title after title as "too kissy" or "too silly." Another bag of books comes home from Miss Brooks, which leads to another reading campaign from Missy's mother and another pile of rejected titles. Your students will enjoy seeing the title to which Missy finally connects, and can engage in conversations about reading tastes.

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Wild About Books

The bookmobile librarian, Molly, in Wild About Booksis committed to helping each animal develop an interest in books. She begins by luring them in, reading Dr. Seuss aloud as they watch from afar. As the animals respond, she helps each one find the book that matches its interest. Soon, after so much time reading, the animals all find themselves inspired to write. This book is the perfect title for helping students see the ways reading can help you become a writer.

More Than Anything Else

This tender telling of Booker T. Washington's experiences learning to read will illustrate for children the privilege and the power that reading holds. Marie Bradby poetically shows the drive and the will that Washington held, and the beautifully illuminated, realistic images by Chris Soentpiet highlight the challenges and the tenacity of Washington.

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You Read to Me, I'll Read to You

A smart book for bringing together beginning and skilled readers, You Read to Me, I'll Read to You supports beginning readers by letting a companion reader add depth to the story. This series of titles are valuable tools for reading practice that is meaningful and for helping students develop effective reading habits and reading stamina. Recommend them to parents or share them with book buddies.