100 Words About Change

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Once a month, our Coaching Matters article will make a point in exactly 100 words. ?This month's 100 Words considers the challenges of change. One difficulty in sustaining a change effort is that it not only involves breaking old habits, it involves creating new ones. To read more about Coaching Matters

100 Words About Change

100 Words About Change

by Jan Burkins


Fairytales And Rhymes by Regan Winstead

A true coach urges a learner on when the predictable discontent of learning's disequilibrium feels like the world's end. At the onset of change, one may understand its intellectual implications or feel passionately about its merits. Yet the head and the heart are fickle leaders and hold inconsistent sway over the hands, the feet, the mouth. So the coach helps put in order the practical aspects of action, as feet, hands, and mouth move, shape, and speak the visions of the head and heart. Coaches who support teachers beyond the adrenaline of ideas and emotions help them create habituated realities.