100 Words About the Heart of a Coach

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Once each month Coaching Matters brings you "100 Words" of reflection about a complex issue related to coaching. This month we offer 100 Words about the fact that a coach has to support teachers in ways that are demanding and complicated and then has to step out of the spotlight as soon as the effort is noticed by other teachers, parents, or administrators. This willingness to let the teacher have all the public feedback, is one mark of a true coach.

100 Words About the Heart of a Coach

100 Words About the Heart of a Coach

by Jan Burkins


Grow a Heart by Shraddha Manvi

Today I watched a coach step back as a teacher stepped forward. This gradual release choreography stretched beyond the teacher's movement alongside the coach and extended into a spotlight that became the teacher's. It seems the measure of a true coach to invest passionately in a teacher's learning, and then to let go completely?â?"just at the point of celebration. The marvel of coaching I watched today was a window into the heart of a coach: one who was pleased to see others notice the teacher's success, and who moved aside so gracefully that only another coach would have noticed her.