A Colour a Month

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These petite journals are Literacyhead's big holiday gift idea and the colorful set is versatile enough to thrill just about everyone on your shopping list! Perfect for seasonal celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, and even as a treat for yourself!

A Colour a Month

by Jan Miller Burkins


Give A Colour a Month to those you love and you might discover a perfect marriage of words and art. These tiny, numbered journals offer a rainbow of writing opportunities. Here are our top eight suggestions for using this delightful boxed set of Moleskine journals.

1. Use them to collect words. Spend your days searching for words and log them in these pocket-sized journals. By the end of 2011 your vocabulary could be 365 words richer.

2. Keep a first-year diary. Whether it is your first year of teaching, your first year with a new baby, your first year of marriage, or your first year of retirement. Record your thoughts an experiences as you venture into newness.

3. Keep a reciprocal journal with someone you love. Take turns writing messages to each other on alternate days.

4. Keep a coincidental journal with someone you love. Give each other a set of the monthly journals and write for each other in them, even just a few lines a day. At the end of each month, exchange them with each other. This could be especially nice for long-distance relationships.

5. Record your resolutions and keep a log of your progress towards them. The goals you write down are those you are more likely to keep.

6. Keep a list of things you find. From hair barrettes on the playground to change on the street, see what a year of collecting turns up. You can make an annotated collage in 2012.

7. Record all the funny things your students say. If you keep your journals across an academic year, you could send the list home with the children at the end of the school year.

8. Keep a writing notebook, which is probably the best use of these little idea repositories. Collect the starts for your writing in one place and develop a new or renewed habit of thinking and living like the writer you are.

These are only a few of the limitless possibilities for using journals and calendars in the new year. We wish you many happy writing returns in 2011!